Issue with Uber Eat Home Delivery

Check the Status of My Request

From your rundown of requests, tap “Track Order” to see the status of your food. It will either be trusting that the café will affirm, during the time spent being ready or with a delivery accomplice and in transit from the eatery to you.

When a delivery accomplice has your food, a guide will show up demonstrating the area of your sustenance. To contact your delivery accomplice:

  1. Tap Contact close to the guide
  2. Pick between a call and message

If you don’t mind note that delivery accomplices need to remain safe and comply with the standards of the street. A delivery accomplice most likely can’t answer your telephone call when in rush hour gridlock.

Change things in my request

To include things or change what you’ve requested, you us a call to your neighborhood Uber Eats bolster telephone line. A colleague connects with the eatery to check whether they can suit your solicitation.

Drop my request

You can drop a request in the Uber Eats application.

Instructions to CANCEL YOUR ORDER:

  1. On the base menu bar, tap the receipt symbol
  2. Select your progressing request
  3. In the request screen, tap “Drop ORDER”
  4. A spring up seems to affirm your activity, tap “Drop ORDER” once more
  5. In the wake of affirming, select a dropping reason, at that point tap “DONE”

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NOTE: If you drop your request AFTER the café began setting it up, you may just get a fractional discount.

My request is taking longer than expected.

Eateries and delivery accomplices do their best to convey sustenance inside the evaluated delivery time, yet outer variables can cause delays. For instance, if the eatery is busier than ordinary, you put in a vast request, or your delivery accomplice is an overwhelming rush hour gridlock or awful climate conditions.

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Check your delivery accomplice’s ETA in the application or call them legitimately for subtleties. The article beneath gives ventures to contact your delivery accomplice or check your request status:


If it’s not too much trouble hold on for us! We’re striving to get your request to you as fast as would be prudent however realize this is disappointing.

NOTE: If your delivery accomplice arrived, endeavored to reach you, and couldn’t convey the request, you are charged for the request. In these cases, we can’t give a discount.

Change my delivery address

In the event that the delivery address on your request is wrong, contact your delivery accomplice legitimately to tell them.

Your delivery accomplice can choose to convey the request to the right location. They will be paid for the extra travel separation to you.

Step by step instructions to CHANGE A DELIVERY ADDRESS

  1. When your request is allotted to a delivery accomplice, utilize your Uber Eats application to get in touch with them
  2. Tap ‘Contact’ in the request following screen’s guide
  3. Pick between a call and message to reach them

– . On the off chance that talking with the delivery accomplice, make certain to give them clear guidelines

– Keep your telephone close by and with the sound on to maintain a strategic distance from extra delivery delays

For what reason was my request dropped?

Your request might be dropped by either the café or the delivery accomplice. In case of dropping, you can take a stab at requesting from a similar eatery again in no time flat or requesting from another café.


A café may counteract a request since they’ve kept running of a thing or they’re encountering an extensive volume of requests.

On the off chance that an eatery comes up short on a thing, you may get a notice allowing you 10 minutes to refresh your request before it’s naturally dropped.

You won’t be charged if the eatery drops your request.


It’s conceivable your delivery accomplice may drop the delivery on the off chance that they’re unfit to discover or contact you. While landing at your delivery address, they’re provoked to get in touch with you so it’s a smart thought to keep your telephone close-by when you’re anticipating that sustenance should arrive.

In the event that a delivery accomplice reached you in the wake of touching base at your mentioned area, you may not be qualified for a discount.