Top Five Knife Games

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Knife games have become immensely popular among people of all ages as they test one’s patience and attention. Knife games are fun and addictive and prove to be a fantastic time pass.

Due to popular demand, a variety of different kinds of knife games are now available on the Google Play Store and the Apple IOS Store. Here is a list of top five knife games that you need to download right now:

Knife Ninja – Fruit Master 3d:

knife ninga

This game is pretty straightforward and simple. The player gets to choose a knife of his choice, tap the screen when you are ready to throw the knife and aim for the fruit. The goal of the game is to test one’s reflex actions. Points are earned on the basis of the number of fruits sliced and can be exchanged for power-ups and to increase one’s knife collection.

Knife Flip:

It is a game that simulates knife flipping. Knives of different forms and sizes are available for the player to choose from and the goal for the player is to flip the knife in a way that it makes its way on to the table without causing any damage. The plus points of the game are its 3D graphics and real-life environment and speed simulation.

Knife Fingers:

Finger Roulette is a game that we all have heard of but never dared to play due to the risk and danger involved. However worry no more as Knife Fingers is a game that is equally as fun yet is absolutely safe. The goal of the game is to test one’s courage and motor skills. The player has to pass the knife between the fingers without stabbing the hand. Those who do so successfully enjoy the taste of victory.

Battle Knife:

If you are a fan of combat games then Battle Knife is a game that you’ll love. It is a multiplayer knife game which tests your aim and knife throwing strategy. The more games you win the higher your rank becomes on the leaderboard. You can choose and build a vast collection of knives each of which has its own strength and damage stamina. This is surely a knife game combat lovers would enjoy to the fullest.

Knife Hit:

knife hit mod apk download

Do you wish to test your aim in a very challenging and interactive mode? Look no more as Knife Hit Mod APK is exactly what you need. The player is required to throw a knife at a spinning target. As the number of knives thrown increases the game becomes even more challenging and intuitive. The different modes and challenges of the game keep the player engaged. The game is among-st the Editor’s Choice Category on Play Store due to its high demand and such a fan following.

Knife Hit games are a fun way of simulating real-life aiming and for building motor and coordination skills. They are a great source of recreation and learning at the same time, therefore, are highly recommended.